Your time is precious. Free up some of that time to pursue more reporting jobs or devote more time to the activities you enjoy! Hiring a scoper and proofreader saves you time and lets you earn more money. Let me handle the editing or final polish to your transcripts — defining those mistranslates or deciding whether or not Formica should be capitalized (Yep! It’s a trademark.) — so you can meet those deadlines.

I’m a steno reader, comma marker, spelling corrector, mistrans definer, include file placer, hyphen annotator, and formatting consistency minder! Partner with me to improve the transcripts you produce as I lend a fresh, critical eye to your work. Let my trained set of eyes spot and correct errors by carefully reading EVERY word with or without audio to ensure readability. Excellent work gets noticed and gets you more clients!

As a graduate from Caitlin Pyle’s online course Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice and then Linda Evenson’s online course Internet Scoping School, I am prepared to meet your expectations of a professional scopist and proofreader. I specialize in scoping and proofreading verbatim transcripts according to your style and grammar preferences in an expeditious manner. Peruse the website to learn more about my proofreading process, availability, and rates.

I look forward to working together! References available. Connect with me via e-mail at thetimelyproofer@gmail.com.

– Danielle