Ready to have a job proofed? Great! Just follow the below steps:

  1. Send me your clean transcript in PDF format. If you need a PDF converter, click here for directions to download an awesome free one!
  2. I proof in PDF and send only the annotated pages back to you via e-mail. I annotate in red type and yellow highlights so that the edits are clear and easy to see.
  3. Open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a free program that will allow you to easily see all of my corrections. Note: Do not use your default image viewer or Preview as you may not be able to see all the markings.


Annotations can be tailored to your preferences. Let me know what grammar style guide(s) you prefer so we can be on the same page when it comes to the finer variations in verbatim punctuation and formatting. Also, please e-mail me a sample final transcript so I can get an eye for your preferences as well as your state and/or agency formatting guidelines.

I will also send you an optional preference sheet to fill out. It’s really short and helps me familiarize myself with your grammar preferences so I know I’m proofing the way you want.

See Proofreading for Court Reporters page for more details.


  • Please make sure the job you send me is as clean and close to turn-in ready as possible. When your pages are clean, it allows me to find more errors, quicker! If the page is still messy with errors, it is actually harder to catch all the errors, and it takes longer for me to get work back to you. While I do bill per page, I also take time into consideration — please note that I reserve the right to bill a higher page rate for rough, messy transcripts that require heavy editing that causes me to take a higher than average time on your job vs. the average, carefully edited job. This extra charge ensures that I can spend longer per page making sure that your transcript is as accurate and readable as possible. 
  • If you have a rushed or expedited job or a job of more than 200 pages, please let me know ASAP with a quick e-mail or phone call prior to sending so I can schedule accordingly and ensure I can get the job completed for you in time to meet your deadline.
  • Also, if a job is 100+ pages and in need of a rush or expedite, let’s work simultaneously to produce a high-quality transcript that meets that tight deadline by having you send me the transcript in sets of 50 pages as you complete it. As you are busy polishing up the next set of pages, I’m hard at work proofing the previous set.
  • Just keep me informed on deadlines. If you tell me you’ll be sending me 100 pages tonight but for some reason you can’t, let me know when you’ll actually be sending it so that I can adjust my schedule accordingly.

Still have questions? Feel free to send me an e-mail at